Other websites by Hans Bezemer

dot Wild Child in the City of Light dot Free Forth Primer Project
  A great site from the author of 'Impressions of an Anniversary'. If you need more information on 'Wild Child in the City of Light', this is the place to go.   If you liked our tutorial on 4tH and would like to have one for 'real' Forth, this is the site to go!
dot The Renaissance website dot Love over gold
  It features the best-known Doors Cafe in Paris. Join us at the 3rd of July!   Is this all too cold for you and you'd like to warm your heart? Visit this site with some great poetry!
dot Cinetropic dot The Beez' speaks
  Want to know more about Hans Bezemer, Berlin and the books he wrote? Go here!   Hans Bezemer on computing. If you want to know the truth, read this. But beware.. Do you really want to know?