.wwf toolkit 1.7

Hans Bezemer

1 Prerequisites

1.1 Optional

Depending on your desktop environment, one of these three:
Depending on whether you want to use the original WWF banner:

2 Installation

You can put wwf2pdf and pdf2wwf anywhere in the PATH, but the best way is to use the installation script. Run it as root, e.g.
$ su
# ./installwwf.sh
# exit
The script will check any requirements and place the files in their respective directories. If you do not want to use the original WWF banner, add the --nowwfbanner switch:
./installwwf.sh --nowwfbanner
In that case, the program will install an alternate banner. If you do not want to install the scripts in /usr/local/bin change the script accordingly.

3 Running

You can run both utilities from the prompt by issuing a filename, e.g.:
$ wwf2pdf myfile.wwf
$ pdf2wwf myfile.pdf
If you do not add a filename at the prompt, it will try to locate a GUI utility and run interactively, e.g.:
$ wwf2pdf
$ pdf2wwf
You can run the scripts from the Gnome or KDE menu as well. Note that pdf2wwf also accepts multiple filenames when running it from the prompt, e.g.:
$ pdf2wwf myfile1.pdf myfile2.pdf
After having checked their existence, it will merge these files into a single file with a single banner.

3.1 Options

Switches also have effect when running the scripts interactively. If you don’t like the default (wwf2pdf: stripping the banner; pdf2wwf: adding the banner), add the -n switch:, e.g.:
$ pdf2wwf -n myfile.pdf
If you want the highest possible quality PDF, add the -q switch to wwf2pdf:, e.g.:
$ wwf2pdf -q myfile.pdf
Note this option will produce slightly larger PDF files and takes a bit more time. The -h switch will show the ”usage” message.

4 Contact


5 Changelog

1.0Initial release.
1.1Added CLI and Zenity support.
1.2Added Dialog support and CLI switch, code cleanup.
1.3Much faster .wwf to PDF conversion, no more messages on stderr.
1.4Added proper option handling, high quality PDF generation and proper checking of the source file.
1.5Switches also take effect when running interactively. pdf2wwf takes multiple files when running from the prompt. The WWF banner is optional.
1.6Windows port. Added icons.
1.7Artwork and sources added (Creative Commons license).

6 WWF terms of use

The following text contains the verbatim ”terms of use” of the WWF (italics):
  1. The Site Operator grants free and unpaid use of the WWF format to all users. This does not mean the Operator grants free user license. The Operator reserves the right, without limit, to revoke permission for free use of the WWF format in the case of use or attempted use with regards to:
    1. pornographic content or other purposes likely to corrupt minors;
    2. the use or attempted use of the WWF format for racist content;
    3. against the democratic order or the constitution or other breach of applicable laws.
  2. The Operator assumes, as permitted by law, no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of the WWF format.
Note that this software does not originate from the WWF, nor is it supported or approved by the WWF in any way, shape or form. Depending on your local legislation these ”terms of use” may not apply to you if you refrain from including WWF copyrighted material or trademarks.