Frequently Asked MakeTree Questions

MakeTree reported no errors, but the script doesn't work properly

  1. MakeTree doesn't catch all errors. Check if you made any by reading the manual.
  2. FolderTree doesn't work with Netscape V2.0 and Internet Explorer V2.0 or below at all. Update your browser.
  3. FolderTree V1.x doesn't work with some versions of Internet Explorer V3.0. Update your browser.
  4. FolderTree V2.x doesn't work with Netscape V3.0 and Internet Explorer V3.0 or below at all. Update your browser.
  5. Make sure you got all components of FolderTree and installed them properly.
  6. Make sure your browser supports JavaScript and enable it.
  7. We don't support FolderTree, only MakeTree.

The script works, but I want something different

Whether you want a different font, a different background, different graphics or anything else, we can't help you. We don't support FolderTree, only MakeTree.

I can't find 'maketree.js'

Sure, if you're generating a FolderTree V1.x script, you have to create it yourself. We even told you how. If you're desperate, click here. We can't guarantee it's the most recent version.

I want to see some enhancements in MakeTree

That's a good question! However, we don't actively maintain MakeTree anymore. If you want to take over this GPL project, us.