What do others have to say..

.. about 4tH itself

"This is exactly what I need. Sharing variables from C is another item that should have been on my list."

"Had a look at your package. Very Impressed."

"I was impressed, it's a very cool idea you've got there!"

"It compiled cleanly on FreeBSD earlier today, DOS worked OK as well. Now, as time allows, I will try to reaquaint myself with forth, and begin teaching my kids their first programming language."

"Today I laid my hands on 4tH. Nice thing - Well done!"

"I think of 4tH as inspiring. You built it from the ground up to do what you want, and it's elegant."

"I like the idea of getting some of 4tH's advantages for regular Forths."

"Thank YOU for your contribution to Forth and computing in general..."

"The extensive errortrapping and good tutorial make it a painless way to learn Forth (..)"

"Considering that I'm developing on a palmtop, I am glad of the memory protection features."

"As a Forth for beginners, it sounds ideal."

"I learned quite a bit and really enjoy 4tH; I think I have the basics now of how Forth works and plan to study it more."

"Using 4tH has allowed me to really simplify the problem."

"I was very pleased to find a ready-made scripting language that was small enough (..). If I remember correctly, it only resulted in an increase of 25 KB in the .EXE size."

"I really like the way you have implemented the floating point routines and the library. Just like the rest of 4tH all the tools are there in portable code for everyone to take advantage of; it's a perfect example of great Open Source software. Thanks!"

"4tH has the most beautiful source code with excellent structure organization and with many descriptive comments. It would be really comfortable to make any upgrade of such source code! I was always trying to write clear and simple, self-understandable code, but I can learn something from the programmer of 4tH. In any case, 4tH source code can be a really good template for any C programmer and we will use it. Internal data organization is also amassing. All Forth lists and structures are constructed as a part of unique matrix. Such organization would provide even 50% better results of data optimisation methodes that we applied under Until!! (..)"
That comment was submitted before compression was added (Ed.)

.. about its documentation

"Thanks for making this available! Now I won't have to keep lending out my copy of Leo's book."

"I'm in the middle of your tutorial. I've been curious about Forth for a long time but never found a good book.. or.. didn't have the cash on hand when I did see Brodie's book on the shelves."

"This is fantastic! It looks great, I'll be reading through it this weekend, and into the future."

"4tH has the most complete and the best organized documentation. I cannot find any objection!"

These quotes have been taken from actual email messages. In order to protect the privacy of these persons, their names are not listed. If any of these quotes originated from you and you think you have been misquoted, please us, and we will rectify it.