Jochen Maassen and Hans Bezemer
Jochen Maaßen (the author) and Hans Bezemer (contributing author and translator) showing the complete oeuvre.

Photo taken by Irina Maaßen, February 5th, 2005, Delft (The Netherlands)

"The memoir of a true Doors fan. Very good work, and a very handsome book."

"A great book. Psychedelic, colorful and exciting. Tons of pictures, an unusual and exiting layout, plus a poster and an interview CD! Jim Morrison was once asked what he wants to be remembered for. He said: 'My words man... just my words'. Thanks for your words, Jochen!!"

"Ein Rock Buch der Extraklasse. Hier hat ein echter Fan mit viel Arbeit und Zeitaufwand für andere Fans einen Meilenstein hinterlassen. Ausgeflipptes Layout, schöne Gimmicks, Bilder ohne Ende. Ein visueller Leckerbissen, in dem wirklich sehr viel Mühe und Leidenschaft steckt. Danke Jochen!!"

"When Jochen first explained the concept of this book to me, being familiar with his work, I was certain it was going to be a high quality effort. When I finally received the book last week,I was a bit overwhelmed at first. It is so well done and so full of sights (and sounds!) that it took me quite a while to just savor it all. Actually, I feel it qualifies as an 'art' book as well - so gloriously designed are its pages. It is so obviously a labor of love. Each page is printed and thoughfully designed with attention to quality and detail far beyond the standard music-oriented book. I will not comment further on the text or contents, the lucky owner of the book can explore that for his/herself. But know in advance what to expect, and that it is worth more than every penny (euro?) you might spend to acquire it. A fantastic job, Jochen, and a piece of work to be very proud of. A true collectors item and a must for music/art/poetry fans."

"Last month, Jochen released a very interesting limited edition, color book complete with a poster, interview CD (of Eric Burdon) and postcard. The book is a beautiful document of the rock parties and rock star encounters from his past. It includes contributions from many friends of Jochen's (and mine). Take care! Thanks again for the great book!"

  • Kerry Humpherys, USA

"Wow, (..) what a beautiful book, really a labor of love, and an illustration of what Jim Morrison's legacy is all about, the worldwide family of fans that continues to love The Doors music and Jim's inspiration. Your book is an inspiration to us all, and a treasure for the eyes and mind. Your story is an example of how rock music influences people around the world and brings millions of us together. It's a big family, the Doors family, and Jim would have been proud. It is also a great pleasure to see many friends that I have come to know over the years in the pages of your book. Thanks for the beautiful trip."

  • Michelle Campbell, France

"Jochen Maaßen hat hier ein Rock Buch der Extraklasse abgeliefert. Mit viel Arbeit und Zeitaufwand hat ein Fan für Fans Geschichten, Bilder, Hintergrundinfos und Interviews zu einem Meilenstein der Rockgeschichte beschreibenden Bücher zusammengefasst. Zum Buch gehört eine CD, auf der ein Interview mit Eric Burdon wiedergegeben wird. Ein Muss für Eric Burdon Fans.

Und das ganze ist auf 500 Exemplare limitiert also wer es haben will sollte sich sputen. "

  • Josef Gödderz, Germany

"OK, this book is put together by a big DOORS fan, who stringently worked on it. The book gives you a real perspective from DOORS fans way of life, in fact, the fans become what the DOORS are all about: 'A Celebration of Existence.' Jochen Maaßen clearly puts all this inside the doors of his own book collections of photographs and contributions (including one from yours truly). If you are a real DOORS supporter you will know; how, when gathered in Paris the scene will go - in other words - real Rock 'n Roll! Jochen's diary/collection; captures this to a T. 'Nough said: read it!"

  • Darryl Read, UK

"Au fil des pages une agréable mélancolie s'installe à travers les superbes photos et les textes, c'est un très bel exemple de l'influence positive que peut avoir sur ses fans la musique des Doors et la poésie de Jim Morrison."

  • Nicolas Lejeune, France

"Just wanted to say, that the book is one piece of work! It's incredible. I really enjoyed reading it. It brings back good memories. You can definitely smell street romance throughout the book. Stay safe & keep on rockin'."

  • Mark Boninsegna, The Netherlands

"Jochen Maaßen has set a new standard for Rock & Roll autobiographies. So far I haven't seen a book that is so accurate and yet so personal. It takes you through every emotion humanly possible. Don't read it while using heavy machinery!"

  • Hans Bezemer, The Netherlands

"Ich bin begeistert von Jochen's neuem Buch. Tolle Geschichten und Berichte von verschiedenen Veranstaltungen und eine Menge Hintergrundinfos. Tolle Erinnerungen und ich habe mich sogar dabei ertappt, mich auf den schönen Fotos zu suchen, da ich bei einigen Veranstaltungen selbst anwesend war. Das Buch ist sein Geld wert und eine absolute Empfehlung."

"Jochens neues Buch ist der absolute Hammer und stellt alle bisherigen Werke dieser Art in den Schatten. Nicht nur, dass ich es mit Begeisterungen gelesen habe, nein, ich ertappe mich immer wieder, es in die Hand zu nehmen und die Bilder zu betrachten. Es ist ein tolles Werk der Rock & Roll Geschichte und das Prunkstück meiner Büchersammlung. Absolut empfehlenswert."

  • JLK, Germany

"La prima cosa che ho detto pochi giorni fa quando ho avuto questo libro fra le mie mani e' stata 'Wooow!!!' Finalmente un bellissimo libro sui Doors (e non solo). Una sorta di 'diario rock 'n' roll on the road' realizzato da un vero fan dei Doors! Un racconto a 360° dai viaggi di Jochen. Un lavoro fantastico e 'psichedelico'! Grazie di tutto Jochen!"

"Thank you, Jochen. Your book is equal to yourself, brilliant visually and sincere are your texts. (..) Beyond space and time, live forever here and now. Stay tuned."

  • Johanna Hébert, Canada

"By land, by air and by sea, by blood, sweat, shit and tears the book has been booked, the gem generated and publicly polished to reflect and reveal a no-limits-no-laws outstanding odyssey, a quenched quest to trigger the truth."

  • John Shureman, the Netherlands

"Your latest work impressed me enormously! This book touches the true nature of the Doors and the Rock music of the 60s sharply."

  • Nozawa Osamu, Japan

"'Wild Child in the City of Light' is what other books have tried to be. It is a great collection of Rock & Roll stories and fantastic photos told by a true fan. It tells those 'in the right place at the right time, you should have stayed stories' that are so special, that everyone wants to have lived but few actually do. And for those that have been to Paris on the 3rd of July it brings back all the memories the music, the beer, the smoke, the unforgettable people, the friends. Thank you Jochen."

"Jochen, thanks a lot again for your wonderful book! It is great, fantastic photos. A perfect book for fans of the 60s music especially The Doors.. You definitely have to come to Paris for July the 3rd this year and show the book to the people. When we meet the next time, we'll have a drink on it!"

  • Gilles Yéprémain, France

"Recently, I received two copies of the book, one for me and one for Eric Burdon. Once I started, I couldn't put the book down. I went back a second time just to see the pictures. They're all beautiful!! Jochen skillfully brings us back to our youth, through his eyes and experiences. Don't ever grow up - and lets get another book going.. "

  • Phil Metzger, USA (The Eric Burdon Newsletter)

"Jochen Maaßen takes you back to the golden age of Rock & Roll!If you want to feel it for yourself, come on! You'll see the most beautiful pictures and enjoy the wild stories! This book is absolutely fantastic!"

  • Agnes, France

"Thanks for this very grrrreat book with tons of very interesting pictures. My special thanks for your very personal signing on the 50th birthday of a big Jim's fan."

  • Rockin Lee Andy, Belgium

"Also, ich muss sagen: Alle Achtung vor diesem Wälzer in Hochglanzformat - es liest sich (trotz oder gerade weil in Englisch) sehr flüssig und ist hochinteressant. Ich war ja noch nie in Paris - Pere Lachaise, aber nach Deinem Bericht fühlte ich mich, als wäre ich dabei gewesen. Und die Bilder, einfach geil. Sehr, sehr schön und auch nicht zu teuer - ein Sammlerstück halt. Es erhält einen Ehrenplatz, direkt neben (...) Ray Manzarek. Wenn also mal wieder etwas bibliophiles von Dir erscheint - es würde mich interessieren."

  • Michael Gindra, Germany

"Jochen's new book is obviously a labor of love. Any fan who's fortunate enough to have a copy of his '8th December 1993: Impressions of an Anniversary' know how devoted he is to his subject matter. Any rock fan will enjoy reading Jochen's stories of his rock travels. For die-hard Doors fans such as myself, this book is absolutely indispensable. Jochen's descriptions of meeting such legendary rock figures as Robbie Krieger, Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, Eric Burdon and Darryl Read are truly fascinating and the photos are absolutely fantastic. To borrow from Kris Weintraub, who once described the Doors thus, perusing this book is unendurable pleasure prolonged. Get it now!"

  • Michael Pappaceno, USA

"A real treasure! You can't overlook that the author was trying to get create something very special! This book has the spirit of Rock & Roll inside... on every single page! Order now and enjoy; you will never regret it! "

  • Jörg Grünewald, Germany

"Thank you very much for a great book. I do like it very much, especially Eric Burdon. (..) What Eric Burdon says on the CD is great and very intelligent.. He is right, in everything he says.. It is still valid. (..) Eric is (..) up-to-date, both past and future. Very intelligent. All the Jim (..) and security stories. I love all the beautiful photographs (New York, Paris, England and all). Like Hans Bezemer and what he writes. I like 'The Pilgrim' and 'Stairway to Heaven' the most. The postcard and the poster are fantastic too. I will do my very best to promote your book in Spain."

  • Roberto Lopez-Delgado-El Mundo, Spain

"It's art, man.. it's absolutely art!! Der absolute Hammer. Ein Buch das man gerne liest und gerne vorzeigt. Es stellt so viele professionell herausgegebene Musikbücher in den Schatten. Eigentlich sollte es beim Kunstbuchhändler 'König' (Köln) verkauft werden!"

  • Boris Prigge, Germany

"Das Buch ist das Werk eines wirklichen Fan's, der andere am selbst erlebten teilhaben lassen möchte! Let the 'Good Times' roll - forever!!"

  • Wolfgang Cordes, Germany

"I am totally impressed with the book and all of the stories. It is unbelievable. 'I'm still speechless'."

  • Dianne Dykstra, USA

"If you think everything has been written about your heroes, forget it. No collection will be complete without this lovingly crafted book full of interesting articles and a lot of unreleased photos. The book, printed on high quality paper, is worth every cent you pay for it. I don't regret for a single moment I bought it. I'm happy I got this limited edition from this congenial author. Try it, buy it and you'll see what I mean."

  • Burkhard Winzer, Germany

"Jochen sein neustes Kind ist klasse geworden - ganz der Vater. Ich habe mir erst einmal die Bilder angeschaut - natürlich! Super finde ich auch das Poster: Morrison doesn't need you! Ein wirklich sehr schönes Buch..."

  • Jo (Hanno) Fromm, Germany

"Jochen, I really had to wait for this book, but when I got it last weekend, everybody in Morrison Hotel was silent and read it.. The pictures are beautiful!! It takes me back to Paris, to your 'Rock and Roll Wedding' and to my own City of Light. I'll never forget the Doors happening in Hoogvliet. It's a beautiful book and it brings back those lovely memories and a reunites me with a lot of friends.. Thank you!!"

  • Imelda Bogaard, The Netherlands