Do not forget old friends
The Merman
My lady can sleep
Graveyard poem
A kite is a victim
On the beach
Palace of Exile
The Movie
The Black Stallion
He was lame
Love over gold
The reason I write
Stoned immaculate
The big world
The severed garden
Owning everything
Watching the world
You do not have to love me
The day they tore down the wall
The Pilgrim
The Storm
The Phoenix

Love over gold..

"This is the place where lovers go. This is the place where you have to be, if you prefer romantic dinners by candle light over quickies on the kitchen table. This is the place where you go when life's got you by the balls."

I don't think a site of mine would be complete without it. It's still an important part of my life, although not the most important one. But it used to be. It used to be when I was younger, roaming the streets of Berlin, looking for the real life.

Poetry is perception. Poetry refers to concepts we all carry within us. It's not the poetry that touches us, it's our own reminiscences. Something we remember deep inside.

In my opinion poetry doesn't need a study or even an author. It should just be appreciated as is, without any rational thought. The poems you'll find here will be presented just that way. It might have been written by somebody very famous or by somebody that lives down the street. You decide whether you like it.

I hope you do.